Crucible retort ring


Crucible retort ring, stainless steel


Crucible retort ring, stainless steel, mounted at a rod for stand bases

Ideal for clamping of crucibles for heating substances over a gas flame.

- Oriental clamp for crucibles, which can be fixed easily by hand according to the used crucible size: 0-70 mm

- 3-point-clamp: ring with 3 guide sleeves pointing to the center, the clamping rods inside the guide sleeves can be scrolled

- Clamping rods: ceramic rods „Degussit“ (max. 2030°C)

- Application with support stands or tripods; with the support stands the distance between the gas flame and crucible bottom can be adjusted

- Fits also for platinum crucibles
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Material D/Ø Article no.
18/10 Stainless  0-70  5505